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Explore pristine islands, snorkel amongst sea lions, sea turtles, penguins, sharks and the colourful marine life, wander quiet beaches and enjoy amazing volcanic Landscapes.

Best local Galapagos Deals Ever

Assisted by a Level III Multilingual Naturalist Guide.

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¨We had  a Great Travel Advisor:  Our Top level III Galapagos Naturalist Guide Ac.  Jhover Alvarez , with more than 20 years experience he makes several arrangements for our trip to the Galapagos Islands this past summer.  He was extremely responsive, helpful, and trustworthy.  We were protected by the Paypal payment Guarantee, we would use his services again and recommend him to others. ¨ –  Steven Baruch *    More Travel Reviews here.  

Jhover Alvarez Let me Assist You, tell me your plans and  from  my experience I will suggest & let you know best visitor sites ( IN THIS SEASON ) with exotic & unique Fauna & Flora. As Galapagos Naturalist Guides we know exactly the best spots making your Galapagos Experience unique.

Island Hopping Packages

Quality Island Hopping 7 Days – 7 Islands $ 1100 USD

With so many Tour Options in Galapagos, one could loose the main Landscape, well as Naturalist Guides we suggest the best of the best depending on the number of Tour days, so we strongly suggest for example to spend 2 nights in the most beautiful island - Isabela -...

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Quality Island Hopping, 5 Days, 5 Islands $ 799.00 USD

This tour has the best kept Galapagos secret: 2 Days in the most complete island in Galapagos: ISABELA! "Actually we had a great island hopping Tour . We saw same visitor sites as if we had booked in a first class tour, the services were OK, we really enjoyed swimming...

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3 Islands in 4 Days $ 550.00 USD

PROMO PACKAGE; Bartolome - Seymour - Plaza Sur                Your best 3 days EVER in Galapagos !.  Discover 3 great islands in a package; 3 Day tours to Bartolome island, North Seymour and Plaza...

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Daily tours departing from Santa Cruz island - Puerto Ayora.

Bartolome & Sandy beach – $ 190.00 USD –

Bartolomé Island (Spanish: Isla Bartolomé) is a volcanic islet just off the east coast of Santiago Island. It is one of the "younger" islands in the Galápagos archipelago. This island, and Sulivan Bay on Santiago island, are named after naturalist and lifelong friend...

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North Seymour & Bachas beach -$ 185.00 USD –

Early breakfast. Drive to Itabaca Channel, embarking in our comfortable yacht: Seymour Island is located just north of Baltra, Mosquera and Santa Cruz. The visit to North Seymour last ca. 1 hour 45 minute hike on mostly flat sandy and rocky terrain. There are good...

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Plazas & Carrion Point – $ 185.00 USD –

Early breakfast. Navigation to Plaza Island. Sometimes hard disembark on the landing site, we will observe enormous prickly pear cactus and the endemic succulent sesuvian. Land iguanas huge colony in Galapagos we will see the yellow-brown land iguanas feeding on the...

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Day Tour to Floreana – $ 160.00 USD –

Floreana Island is an island of the Galápagos Islands. It was named after Juan José Flores, the first president of Ecuador, during whose administration the government of Ecuador took possession of the archipelago, having previously been called Charles Island (after...

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Isabela y Tintoreras – $ 160.00 USD –

A great Day tour exploring the highlights of this wonderful island, we will visit the Flamingo lakes, the Breeding centre of Giant tortoises , enjoying a tasty lunch in our exclussive Gourmet Restaurant, exploring Isabela island and Tintoreras islet , there you will...

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Pinzon Day Tour – $ 160.00 USD –

Pinzón Island, sometimes called Duncan Island (after Adam Duncan, 1st Viscount Duncan), is an island in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. Pinzón is home to giant Galápagos tortoises of the endemic subspecies Chelonoidis duncanensis, Galápagos sea lions and other endemic...

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Isabela Day Tour – $ 130.00 USD –

A great full day tour exploring the highlights of this wonderful island, we will visit the Flamingo lake, the Breeding centre of Giant tortoises , enjoying a tasty lunch in our exclussive Gourmet Restaurant, exploring Tintoreras islet...

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Tour Playero de Relax, modalidad TODO INCLUIDO, sin pagos extras sorpresas; 3 días en el Paraíso por $ 279.00 y disfrute en este tour de las mejores playas llenas de especies endémicas y únicas como: (para ver los videos de clic en cada una de las especias) Tortugas...

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Tour Galapagos Playero $ 299 – 4 Dias Todo incluido.

Tour Playero de Relax, modalidad TODO INCLUIDO, sin pagos extras sorpresas; 4 días en el Paraíso por $ 299 y disfrute  en este tour de las mejores playas llenas de especies endémicas y únicas como: (De un clic para ver videos) : Tortugas gigantes,  lobos marinos,...

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Tour Galapagos & Beaches $ 299 – 4 Days All included

Enjoy Great 4 sunny days to swim & Snorkel in pristine beaches with calm waters.. this tour is well worth the money as you enjoy relaxed days exploring great beaches with their exotic endemic species, also enjoying rhythmic sway of Latin music-clubs at night. A...

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Half Day Tours from – $ 80.00 USD –

Tour description: Enjoy our great relaxed navigable Tour in Academy bay and Islote mosquera, wich is an islet located in front of the island Santa Cruz, there you will swim and snorkel with sea lions colorful fishes, marine iguanas, later on we will disembark for a...

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Daily tours departing from Isabela island – Puerto Villamil.

Sierra Negra Volcano & Volcan Chico

The Sierra Negra volcano is the second largest volcanic caldera in the world. We will have a trek across lava fields and fumaroles, this volcano is one of the most active volcanoes in the Galapagos, (last eruption in 2005.) with fascinating geologic features....

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Only Sierra Negra Volcano

It last erupted in October 2005 and sent an ash cloud 25,000 feet high and lava fountains reached a height of 300 metersWe start the tour after breakfast, We travel in our car untill the basis of the volcano, then a 40 minutes hike to get the summit and enjoy a great...

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Las Tintoreras Penguins & Sharks

We will pick up you from the reception of your Hotel in Isabela, then transfer to our small yacht for the Day tour of 3 - hours , then we navigate ca. 15 min, we will visit the penguin colony, the blue footed boobies colonies, etc. Once we arrive, we will disembark...

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Los Tuneles, Best Snorkel ever!

This incredible site provides viewing of Sea horses, white tip reff sharks, sea lions, sting rays, moray eels, sea turtles, penguins, manta rays, and many other species, click on each image to see the activity video... ITINERARY Tour Departure: 08H:00M   /  From...

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Daily tours departing from San Cristobal island – Puerto Baquerizo.

Lobos Island & Ochoa Beach. $ 140.00 USD

Enjoy pristine beaches swimming and snorkelling with sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, exploring breathtaking volcanic landscapes.. ITINERARY OPTION B)  Bay Tour, Isla Lobos hike, Ochoa Beach. At 08:00 AM we will start our great daily tour at the tourist dock...

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El Junco, Galapaguera & Puerto Chino Beach. $150.00 USD

ITINERARY JUNCO, GALAPAGUERA , PUERTO CHINO BEACH With our private car we will travel 30 minutes to visit in one day tour: EL JUNCO LAKE , click on the images for videos of the visit. WATH TO BRING & TO USE:Small backpack (waterproof), Comfortable walking shoes,...

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Kicker Rock or Leon Dormido & Beach. $150.00 USD

Enjoy pristine beaches swimming and snorkelling with sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, exploring breathtaking volcanic landscapes. OPTION A)  Lobos Island , Sleeping Lion (Snorkel), Manglesito or Puerto Grande Beaches. At 08:00 AM we will start our great daily tour at...

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Española Island day Tour. USD250

The program begins at the tourist pier at 6:30AM where the local authorities must inspect the boat and our day packs to ensure we are not transporting plants, seeds, or animal remnants, in order to protect the integrity of the uninhabited island of Espanola.  Once...

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We found GalapagosOptions.com on a Google search looking for last minute offers. Having contacted many agencies, they were one of only 3 that replied…. Katie and Amy Sponner / England


Siempre quisimos aventurarnos en las Galápagos y se dio que una línea aérea sacó un precio promocional desde Buenos Aires. Ni lerdos, ni perezosos, buscamos … Arnaldo Paganetti - Argentina


We booked it in advance and it was really worth the price … about our Guide Jhover Alvarez we think he is a really good, level 3 guide, who speaks very good English and… F. Ruiter - Holanda


“Wir blieben auch skeptisch, wir hatten nur einen Flyer von www.galapagosoptions.com und waren skeptisch, ob wir über das Internet die Galapagos-Inseln buchen sollten…. Mathias und Simone - Alemania


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