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Enjoy pristine beaches swimming and snorkelling with sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, exploring breathtaking volcanic landscapes..



First, we set sail from the dock to take a look at San Cristobal Island where the first place and visit is Rosa Blanca. It is a small bay located at the north east of the island a few minutes from ‘Montones de Arena’ and ‘Veinte Varas’. Rosa Blanca is characterized by having many small beaches, but the main attraction being the big beach located in the centre of the small bay where there is a great presence of sand dunes that join the crystal waters creating a lovely scenic landscape unique to the area. All the bay of Rosa Blanca and the waters are an ideal zone for fishing for wahoo, butterfish, horse eye jack, mullet and cod. Additionally there is an abundance of shark species, rays and marine turtles that are ideal to observe while snorkelling.

Second, we will set off for Punta Pitt to do some bird watching from the boat. This is the only location in the Galapagos Islands where you can spot all three species of Boobies as well as the two species of frigates making their nests in the same area. The reason why you can find all three species of Boobies in Punta Pitt is down to the geographical location; there is enough food found here to be shared meaning there is no competition between the species. The Blue-footed boobies make their nests in the interior (less commonly in the cliffs), the Red-footed boobies make theirs in the bushes while the Nazca booby nest in the cliffs. Another additional attraction is the presence of many sea lions.

Third, we go to Sardine Bay characterized by being a place for fish of various species such as sardines, octopus, lobsters, langoustines, mullet, along with others. Sardine Bay comprises of two beaches whose main attraction are their small white sand dunes joining their crystal clear waters, ideal for snorkelling, taking into account that this bay contains a great abundance of marine turtles, rays and sea lions.

Fourth, we go to Punta Pucuna, a fishing area traditionally used for many years by the fishing sector of San Cristobal, located in the north east of San Cristobal a few minutes from Cerro Brujo and Kicker Rock. The site composes a small bay formed by three beaches that as a result of their position create a uniquely attractive landscape. This along with the presence of lava cones behind the beaches and the spectacular view of Cerro Brujo and Kicker Rock from distance makes for an excellent place for photography. We then continue with a 45 minute hike roughly.

Fifth, we headed Cerro Brujo where panga ride will only (navigate around the rock) to observe the magnificent island in the middle of the sea, rising 500 feet from the ocean.

Sixth, we head out to Kicker Rock ‘The Sleeping Lion’ or Kicker Rock is a rock formation, located off the coast of the Island San Cristobal, in the Galapagos Archipelago. It is a magnificent small islet in the middle of the sea, standing up to 500 feet from the ocean, it has the form of a gigantic sleeping lion, hence the name ‘El León Dormido’. The rocks are the remainders of a vertical conformation of rock and are a favourite place for diverse species of marine birds. Here, you will snorkel in the channel of Kicker Rock for an hour, At first the depth reaches 35 metres y conforms as you advance towards the rock decreasing to 12 metres at the end of the canal. The wildlife that you can observe includes black tip sharks, white tip sharks, Galapagos sharks, hammerhead sharks, eagle rays, marine turtles and sea lions.


Includes: Snorkel equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit) snack, lunch, drinks.

OPTION B) Isla Lobos , Ochoa Beach.

At 08:00 AM we will start our great daily tour at the tourist dock (meeting point), we will navigate aprox. 45 minutes till we arrive to Lobos island, dry landing, 45 minutes hike to visit the blue footed boobies colonies, the frigate birds, and the sea lions colonies:
After the hike,  Lunch on board included.   Video here!

Isla Lobos is about an hour’s sailing from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. The length of the trail is 850 meters and the estimated travel time is one hour.

There is a small population of blue-footed and common frigate birds that nest at this site.

During the tour you pass through an area of arid vegetation, substrate of volcanic rocks and an area of sand, you can observe brown pelicans, several species of shore birds; On the other hand, during superficial diving the presence of juvenile sea lions, rays and sea turtles.

Later on we will navigate to the great OCHOA beach, great swimming and snorkelling with sea lions, sea turtles, etc!

At 15:00 we will navigate back to Town , arrival time 16:00 PM, end of the tour.

Not included:

  • Tips.