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Basic Luxury Island Hopping Tours:

With an Island Hopping tour you can spend more time enjoying pristine beaches and exotic and unique Flora & Fauna, or to get a deeper inside into life & culture of the islands, you also have more privacy and space in your hotel room you generally have more space than in a cabin on a yacht.

Explore pristine islands, snorkel amongst sea lions, sea turtles, penguins, sharks and the colourful marine life, wander quiet beaches and enjoy amazing volcanic Landscapes.

3 Day tours to 3 Islands in 4 Days.

Promo-Package, 3 islands: Bartolome - Seymour - Plaza Sur                                                            Discover 3 great islands in a Promo - Package; 3 full navigating day tours to Bartolome island, North Seymour and Plaza sur islands. If you still need...

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