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We found GalapagosOptions.com on a Google search looking for last minute offers. Having contacted many agencies, they were one of only 3 that replied….

Katie and Amy Sponner / England


Siempre quisimos aventurarnos en las Galápagos y se dio que una línea aérea sacó un precio promocional desde Buenos Aires. Ni lerdos, ni perezosos, buscamos …
Arnaldo Paganetti - Argentina


We booked it in advance and it was really worth the price … about our Guide Jhover Alvarez we think he is a really good, level 3 guide, who speaks very good English and…
F. Ruiter - Holanda

“Wir blieben auch skeptisch, wir hatten nur einen Flyer von www.galapagosoptions.com und waren skeptisch, ob wir über das Internet die Galapagos-Inseln buchen sollten….
Mathias und Simone - Alemania